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I open Windows photo viewer , select image then open Paint ( not 3D paint ) crop and resize

Here’s my procedure in Windows 10

How to Crop and Resize an Image using Paint

1/ Select image in Windows Photo viewer
2/ Open image in Paint
3/ Go to frame size slider bottom right and slide to 50%
4/ On top tool bar left side , press dotted rectangle above “Select”
5/ Move mouse pointer over image and draw a square or rectangle over the area you want to crop
6/ Go to top tool bar and press “Crop”
7/ Image will be cropped but remain the same frame size
8/ To resize , press “Resize” and type in 50% for Horizontal and Vertical boxes
9/ Then select “Save As” , rename
and save in original folder
10/ Image will be cropped and resized ( same image size but smaller frame size )

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