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video capture devices?

Having used a mono video camera for deep sky visuals for a while now, I thought I would start to explore doing some basic deep sky imaging using the same camera (a Stellacam 3). I would like to output the composite video into a capture device with USB2 connectivity into a laptop (unless there are good reasons to avoid USB2 and go for PCMCIA.

Most of what I can find on the subject spends little time on the subject of the actual hardware capture device, giving the impression that it doesn't matter too much whether one spends $80 on a Dazzle DVC170 (as a relatively low cost example) or $300 on an Imaging Source DFG/USB2-LT (as an example of a device towards the other end of the price spectrum), while the capture software seems to matter much more .

Can anyone advise from experience of different hardware what one gets for the extra money?

Thanks, Andrew
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