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Bortle 6 - no LP Filter - Orion

Always been reluctant to doing mono - and wont be in the foreseeable future, PC's are frustrating Rgrds 'astro' for this duck..

This is actually the very 1st attempt at a deepsky target from the Cosmo-Caboose, should be called the 'smoCo caboose'.

So I spends a previous night guesstimating exposure limits amongst Bortle 6 skies without a LP filter taking subs between 1 & 3 minutes in 15 sec increments and found 2 mins to be reasonably showing the limit of faintest dust collectable without too much sky glow in the background. Other factors such as nearby clouds, atmospheric moisture, time of night ect I'd suspect would/should/could effect the exposure length on a given night ?

This image was taken through the 8" Orion F/4 , with the Baader MPCC and a QHY10 Color Cam @ -20 deg.
The stack consist of only 11 subs of 2 mins due to incoming white things floating around up there.

Notes made for Equipment: 1) MPCC Air-Gap not critical as only experimenting. 2) Collimation - not bad. 3) Chip Squareness to light path - not bad.
Operator of equipment 4) Neq6p worked flawlessly.

Sky Conditions: Bortle 6; Seeing 3/5 top layer - 2/5 bottom layer; Cloud cover 30%; Humidity 85 %; 1 day prior New-Moon

Processing: DSStacker & PS CS3
Notes: Colour Gradients around perimeters due to excessive stretching in these 'outfield zones' attempting to find some or any signal.

Conclusion, can only go so deep with this gear & conditions - Next effort/opportunity will be adding LP Filter.
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