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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post
The humble Cheshire eyepiece is the best tool to use to deal with the secondary. A Cheshire eyepiece will sort out the entire collimation process of a Newtonian, though a laser can be more convenient to deal with the primary. Once you have dealt with the secondary with the Cheshire, then you can use the laser to first fine tune the centering of the beam in the centre spot, and then you can tweak the primary.

So, you have to do two things, get your hands on a Cheshire eyepiece, and verify that your laser is properly tuned too which is very easy to do.

This is the route I have followed Alex and I like the cheshire. The only trouble is I am long sighted. So the cross-hairs of the collimator are out of focus without glasses, but with glasses on it hard to look through the collimator.

Maybe I need better glasses. And apologies if I'm railroading this thread.
And that's an interesting comment about two or more set screws. I never thought about that. Hmm, makes you wonder - the premium focusers such as moonlites have multiple set screws ...
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