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NGC6753 Supernova mag 16 (possible)

Howdy all,

Seems BOSS have made it's 187th discovery this evening from our Leyburn observing site.
While imaging in Pavo I took an image of NGC6753 and found a bright new object around mag 16.
Greg Bock, Pat Pearl and I have confirmed it's details and reported it to the Transient Name Server (TNS) where it has received the designation AT 2019mhm, discovered by the three of us.
Shortly after discovery Pat took the below longer exposure image.
Will be interesting to see if this object brightens as we are suspecting it may be a very young Supernova.
Those at the Qld Astrofest may want to also image this new discovery.

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Click for full-size image (NGC6753 2019mhm locationPat.jpg)
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