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Static tripod formula

Hi Fred

Nice piece of work.

Sorry only just saw your post

I did not take account of airy disc or seeing or bayer matrix effects directly however I would take it into account by common sense. I would not see the point of ever assigning a value of 1 to N. Even for no drift, I'd use a value of 1.5. I did not explain this clearly in my original post. When I do this and compare, there is only a slight deviation between results of our formulae for ultra wide lenses which I suspect would be almost un-noticeable. This deviation becomes smaller as the focal length increases.

Anything < 1.5 does not make sense. Even if you print at 300 dpi, I'd recommend N=3.

I'm pretty busy at the moment. If I can find my original derivation, I'll post a scan otherwise I can write it out again. It's very easy. I'll post my derivation soon as possible.

kind regards

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