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I've had this type of thing before (possessed goto behaviour) caused by embarrassing errors like getting the E/W, N/S in the GPS coordinates wrong, using deg/minutes coordinates instead of decimal (and vice versa), having tracking switched off/the track rate incorrect, the RA/DEC motor drive cables plugged in around the wrong way (older GOTO design than the eq5) etc etc.

I think the synscan the N/S in the GPS coordinates is entered as +/-, we are minus in Australia.

Suggestion - when you point it roughly at the SCP, does a goto command (say rigel Kent) get remotely near the target? If it goes off somewhere random, it's likely a gps location issue. If it goes to where it was/will be (somewhere in the arc around the SCP), more likely be a time/date issue. If it gets it pretty close, but won't track, I'd look at the tracking rates/basic setup.
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