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Questions on the StarShoot Pro V2.0


I'm looking at getting a StarShoot Pro V2.0 and have a few questions that people might be able to help with. So why am I looking at getting the StarShoot Pro V2.0 and not something like the QHY8? Because later this year we are going to the states for a holiday and I can get it at a very good price - even better if the Aussie dollar keeps going the way it has been!!

Anyway to the questions. Firstly, I'd like to know if those people that have this camera are happy with the results. Also, does it work on Windows 7? Would it be suitable to use in Brisbane in summer? Specs suggest that cooling will be 30C below ambient meaning that during the warm summer evenings the chip will be sitting at around -5C to -10C. Is this cool enough to deal with most noise issues?

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