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I wasnít trying to be dismissive of your comments, sorry if it sounded that way. Just for the price difference, I could add the autoguider setup and the newt for the same price as just the reflector. The money runs out somewhere, I just have to figure out what I can live without for a year to able to get something workable to start with. I guess the phrase ďyou get what you pay forĒ applies?

So refractors are pretty much fixed lenses so not really subject to movement? I was looking at a 2nd hand Explore Scientific ED80 Triplet in the classifiedís here but had seen some threads saying you need specialist tools to collimate it, but I guess youíre saying the chances of it needing collimating are small compared to a newt.

I guess I could pratice collimating on my current Dobsonian, as itís basically the same as a Newtonian, and if I mess up, I havenít lost much since Iím not using it anyway....

So, on a tangent, whatís worse for collimation, a newtonian or a ritchie-chretien? Iíve seen lots of moans about the RCís, but also seen several people say they can do it easily once you know how with either a laser or takahashi (or cheshire at a pinch) Mind you, plenty of others say that none of the methods actually agree with each other either, so Iím not sure what the actual working method is.

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