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Permanent mount? Interesting idea. Good if I had one spot to build an observatory, but I think Iíd probably need to move around to different places for varying views all around. Would make alignment easier too given itíd always be level (although the soil does move alot in our neck of the woods, which could be a bother).

Whatís the complication with Newts vs Reflectors? My first scope was a newt and I never had troublemwith it that I can remember. Mind you I was just a casual viewer way back then, not an imager. Its hard to look at the price difference though comparing Martinís $300 GSO Newt he seems to be getting nice results from, vs the $1289 recommended Skywatcher Black Diamond ED80 APO. If itís about collimation, every scope Iíve looked at so far, someone has complained about collimating it.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

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