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Cheers guys!

Originally Posted by ngcles View Post

Great to see an observing report from you -- looks like you had a lot of fun. Yes, we always want just a slightly larger telescope. Do you still have your 12" Dobsonian/Newtonian.


Yep, still got the 12". I saw your post about the ring galaxy and your scope, impressive stuff and interesting story about your scope. You're one lucky bloke, having all that right out your door! Sort of debating whether to go for an ST102, or put a 2" focuser on the 80. Either way, the AZ3 has to go. And that 32mm plossl just doesn't agree with me...

Originally Posted by gaseous View Post
Terrific report, very enjoyable read. I've got an ST120 on an AZ3 mount and share your frustrations with it.
I've been looking at a SW AZ5 to replace it with. This particular AZ3 has a panhandle, I can only how annoying one without it would be.
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