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Making parts

I do like to buy parts when needed BUT I will NOT get ripped off.

I have a gitzo tripod I have used for many years for my Wimberley head, and telephoto lens, but I also want to use the tripod for my 72mm Ed skywatcher both for terrestrial and photography with a ball and socket head.

The price of parts for tripods can be a total rip off, to me anyway.

The short centre column for a Gitzo is 130

I need 2, why, a Pan/tilt is on the one I have, I want two more, one for ball and socket another for the gimbal.

Why, because you have to undo three grub screws, take off the head, screw on another and tighten the screws, every time. Simple three or four slip out/in columns.

Taking a lead from the "makers" here I have ordered two x 200mm lengths of alloy round rod, will drill, tap and fit bolts in the rod after cutting the ends off and making a round metal plate.

Total cost 10

Thanks to the "makers"... "diy.ers" here for the inspiration
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