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So which files would I need for the Southern hemisphere?

4. Files

All files are in pdf format.
=================================== =================================== ======================
Chart ID Right Ascension Declination File Name
1N 0h to 4h +90 to -20 1n_050115.pdf in A3 size (675KB)
1S 0h to 4h +20 to -90 1s_050129.pdf in A3 size (717KB)
2N 4h to 8h +90 to -20 2n_050108.pdf in A3 size (758KB)
2S 4h to 8h +20 to -90 2s_050205.pdf in A3 size (894KB)
3N 8h to 12h +90 to -20 3n_050126.pdf in A3 size (666KB)
3S 8h to 12h +20 to -90 3s_050108.pdf in A3 size (858KB)
4N 12h to 16h +90 to -20 4n_050126.pdf in A3 size (603KB)
4S 12h to 16h +20 to -90 4s_050120.pdf in A3 size (791KB)
5N 16h to 20h +90 to -20 5n_050629.pdf in A3 size (229KB)
5S 16h to 20h +20 to -90 5s_050626.pdf in A3 size (246KB)
6N 20h to 24h +90 to -20 6n_050619.pdf in A3 size (715KB)
6S 20h to 24h +20 to -90 6s_050129.pdf in A3 size (745KB)

Additional 11h40m to 12h40m +5 to +35 coma_virgo_050619.pdf in A3 size (224KB)
Additional 12h10m to 12h50m +10 to +16 virgo_050205.pdf in A4 size (73KB)

Symbols and Abbreviations symbols_050203.pdf (147KB)
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