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Your observations of the central and nuclear regions of galaxies are most impressive.

By impressive, I mean that much of the detail visible in photographs was seen by your eye and brain and mind.

You may recall that, in my old email newsletter about galaxies ("Galaxy Chronicles") , I wrote that visual observers ought to be able to see a lot of detail in the central regions of galaxies, on account of the high surface brightness in this region.

Your observations illustrate the truth of this idea, and disprove the often quoted statement "Photographs always show more"

I will endeavour to compare your observations of the central and nuclear regions of N1365 with a dozen or so photos that I have emphasizing the central parts of this galaxy. My impression is that you have seen the detailed morphology very well. (It might take a while to get a "round tuit", as I have a "galaxyzoo"-type project going on, in respect of the GALEX far-ultraviolet imaging data)

cheers, Robert
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