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Just an update to the Nexus DSC thread..... and thanks to Serge

I now have the Nexus running my SW AZ-EQ6GT and am retiring the Synscan V5 to run the AZ-GTi .

After a lengthy chat with Serge to sort out some issues I was having, Serge sent me the latest firmware ( 1.3.9e ) and guided me through a few setting changes, the end result being that the AZ-EQ6GT now runs perfectly in Alt-Az mode with my TMB-LZOS 152/1200 on the right side of the mount !!!

This is the end result of the work Serge did with Allan's Orion mount and brings to the AZ-EQ6GT the benefits of the Nexus instead of the frustrations of Synscan......

I still have to work out how to mount the DSC to the scope/mount...
pictures later...
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