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Originally Posted by leon View Post
Chris, dose your lens really need attention, they are pretty tough and can withstand the elements quite well, maybe just a tidy up on your part, or do you sense something is juts not quite right.

The L lenses are fine,the EF-S 17-55 F 2.8 IS,when in IS seems to occasionally jump and 'shudder' a little bit more than usual in the last couple of weeks,I have been turning off camera,and then wait and turn on again.I could just turn the IS off (I mean we all use to get by in the olden days before IS ).

Anyhow,this lens is a great lens,the AF -well it feels as if it could focus on a black cat on a new moon night-its so fast!,this lens also seems to have a reputation for gathering dust behind front element-although I have had very little issue there-always had a U.V filter on.But if its of to Sydney for a tune up-it may as well get a clean too.

Anyhow-I'd like it looked at and given a service, before next job-a modeling job,so all needs to be ship shape.Although I image the off camera flash will be used a bit,so I could get by without IS.But still will go ahead and get it serviced-this lens is great at slow speed at F 2.8 on lots of pre dawn/dusk landscape shoots.
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