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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Thanks Russell, the three narrowband files are over 30meg each before i register them against each other. My Sii issue is probably just a lack of signal and i will attrack that tonight. I will see about putting a file in the file sharing box at Astrobin, so you can have a go.
cheers mate, yep s2 is always a pain.
just for info, I am considering the 1600 to match it with my goto dob (12" f5). the plan would be to still use the EQ8 (12" f4) and 694. but use the eq8 for Luminance (694) and colour gathering (1600) on the dob.
I am unsure on how narrowband would work on the 1600 with 20-25 second subs. so it may only be a rgb solution.
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