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I don't believe that the absolute QE really changes between OSC and mono but it is correct that these are the first mono series of this particular sensor.

Comparing the 1600 against its closest rival, the 8300, the 1600 at this stage appears to be better in virtually every respect. It has shallower wells but much lower read noise rendering it with a much higher dynamic range. As you point out Glen, it is also FAR cheaper than any 8300 on the market.

The 8300 is more expensive because the CCD technology is more expensive to manufacture but I am with you, I don't know how much longer this particular one will last into the future. Probably until the 1600 proves itself to be a reliable replacement

What I was getting at with comparing the new 1600 against a 16803 is that it isn't a replacement of noisy KAF sensors
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