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Originally Posted by thunderchildobs View Post
It is more than just seeing "something" you also need to prove it.
A group reported they found a supernova in M31, it turned out be a brighter asteriod. For a supernova we need to get a specturm of the suspect to confirm what it is. As well we take multiple images to prove the "star" hasn't moved or is a camera defect.

Yes, that's quite true for things like supernovas but this is a different situation. I have an image of this globular taken almost 18 months before the ESO release and I don't think you could mistake it for a camera defect.

Originally Posted by John Hothersall View Post
Great thread Steve, makes what we do have some importance sometimes!

Thanks John

Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
Best of luck! Hope you do get some credit for it!
Thanks very much. We'll see what happens but realistically I don't hold out that much hope.
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