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your observation of the cluster which later was "discovered" by Vista shows how easy it is to miss something that may be important.

I have mentioned, previously, Westerlund 1, which is a young star cluster of similar mass to a globular star cluster, though it is obscured by over 10 mags of visual extinction from foreground dust in our own it is quite conceivable that there are other similar clusters hiding somewhere within the disk of the Milky Way......and even the nearest part of the near-infrared is useful for penetrating the dust, as you have found in your interesting observation!

(Westerlund 1 is likely to be a bona fide "young globular")

Best Regards, Robert

It might be hard for you to claim prior discovery of the globular, in that we usually do not credit Galileo with the discovery of Neptune, despite the fact that he noticed it within a telescopic field.

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