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I know this is an old thread, but it's one of the only ones here that discusses the Moravian G2-8300. I was in touch with Pavel about this camera and he gave me some information that is not available on their web site, or dealer's sites.

1. The filters that fit the internal filter wheel are both 1.25" threaded filters and 31mm glass only filters -without cells - which when fitted have a clear aperature of 28mm. This allows for f/4 and slower optics without vignetting. He wrote:

"Please take into account that vignetting we discussed previously affects only a very small portion of the detector in the corners. Such vignetting, caused by the filter is often much smaller compared to the vignetting inherent to the optics. One G2-8300 user takes beautiful images with 31mm filters with an f/3.6 astrograph without any trace of vignetting."

"When you do the math, the result is that there is no vignetting with f/13 optics when using 24.5mm aperture filters." (that is, 1.25" threaded filters)

2. The weight of the G2 camera head is 1.1kg with the filter head. With a Canon EOS Clip Adapter and 31mm LRGB filters = 1.14kg

3. Back focus: Front plate to CD = 29mm, With T thread = 55mm
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