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Originally Posted by pvelez View Post
I have a ST-8300M.

I went with the FW8-STL filter wheel. I suspect I was the first in Australia to pick up the adapter plate so I can use it with the imager.

I wanted 2 inch filters as my OTA is f4.

Problem - its a heavy beast. I can't use my motorised focuser as its too much for it. So I'm now considering moving on to the QSI and selling the SBIG rig. Is this of any interest?

I had the same vision of the setup you have...but I elected to go with the CFW-2-7 over the FW8-STL because SBIG hadn't sorted out the adapter for mating the FW8-STL to the ST-8300M. ATS quoted me $1500 for the FW5-8300 so I didn't really want to ask what a FW8-STL would cost me. Things weren't working out on the SBIG side for me so I have elected to go with selling the ST-8300M and buy FLI so I can use the CFW-2-7 and salvage something out of this mess.
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