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My images from the 8" RC that I got (first one sold in Australia.) are a perfect match of the field of view indicators given in both The Sky 6 and Starry Night 6 Pro... In both these programs I'd set the camera as SBIG ST10XE and an 8" F/8 telescope.. Being that mine was the first purchased in the country, I would imagine then that this means that by what Paul has been told that mine was F/9. And both starry night and The Sky 6 mysteriously got their scaling wrong.. and both showed an F/9 field of view even though it was set up to show an F/8... Strange... Or maybe my cameras sensor was slightly bigger than all other KAF-3200 based sensor.. I dunno... Something tells me that maybe mine was an F/8.. But hey... Someone told Paul different, so they must be right...
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