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Originally Posted by Tarn_M View Post
Thanks chris - got the az eq 6 so weight not so much of a concern currently!

Got the 60mm orion guidescope and playing around with mounting it and balancing scope (also using DSLR currently). Looking at your old photo from the 8" - does the DSLR and finder scope not block the guidescopes view?
Itís not Chris , itís Martin ( Startrek)
No the guide scope with its ZWOASI120MM camera has a narrow field of view so even if the camera and Finderscope crossed the objective by 5 to 10mm ( which it doesnít) you probably wonít see it on the PHD2 screen
In any case itís commonsense just keep it clear
Mines is clear by about 5mm after balancing RA and DEC
Lucky guess
A lot of folk position the focuser on the underside and they say itís better for balancing but my scope is balanced fine with everything on top, and guiding is ok
Hope that helps
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