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Originally Posted by Wilsil View Post
Thanks Martin, I might be wrong as to be honest I have just connected and tried Stellarium with my HEQ5 Pro last weekend in the garage. :-)
I thought I read that CTRL + 3 was the sync, but I could be mistaken. Will try later this week.
I am still learning and struggling.
Iíve been using Stellarium, StellariumScope for over 3 years and the Sync function is definitely Cntrl + 3
Now using the latest Ascom controlled Stellarium ( version 0.19.3 and later ) is different, the Sync function is Cntrl + Shift + 1 or alternatively you can Sync via Stellarium. Once the Telescope is connected, just go to the bottom task bar and click on the telescope icon , a window pops up with both Slew and Sync functions , once you slew to the object and itís centred and aligned , press current location then press Sync. A sync command will be registered in EQMOD under Alignment/ Sync in the sync count window. You can also use the Stellarium Slew button in this telescope pop up but I prefer to use the keyboard Cntrl +1 to slew

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