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Yes my procedure sent to Peter was using Ascom not StellariumScope which came into affect from Stellarium version 0.19.3 onwards ( Nov 2019 onwards)
Iíd like to know how you use EQMOD and Stellarium and Sync your alignment points with Cntrl +3 on the keyboard ??
Cntrl + 3 was the old method of syncing alignment points under EQMOD StellariumScope and Stellarium
The new Sync command in ( Ascom) Stellarium is suppose to be Cntrl + Shift + 1 but Iíve yet to confirm it as Iím only set up indoors in my home office with my EQ6-R mount connected to my desktop PC. Mount is obviously not properly polar aligned, just level and facing approx true south with correct latitude/ altitude. So I canít perform an accurate Sync at the moment , just slew , stop/ cancel and park functions. Its raining cats and dogs at the moment in Sydney

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