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Originally Posted by Wilsil View Post
Another short cut is CTR + 3 for syncing Stellarium with the mount.
After you have slewed the mount to your target by CTRL +1, you have to check that the target is indeed in the centre of your scope, if not move the scope through the EQMOD buttons. When done, CTR + 3 will align Stellarium.
Cntrl + 3 Sync function only works with Stellarium when using StellariumScope as your driver ( not Ascom compliant Stellarium)
The above procedure is using the Ascom platform for Stellarium and the developer Gion Kunz mapped the Sync function using Cntrl + Shift +1 . You could probably create a work around if you went into your windows keyboard control and set up a useable short cut

A bit of History on StellariumScope
StellariumScope was developed by Scott Pinkham of ByteArts in 2007 as a third party software to configure Stellarium, connect your mount and provide functionality with slew, stop and sync commands thereby providing Stellarium with Ascom support for the control of the telescope mount.Stellariumscope connects to Stellarium as 3 separate telescopes. From a Stellarium perspective when you press cntrl 1 it commands telescope 1 to Goto the selected object, cntrl 2 moves telescope 2 and cntrl 3 moves telescope 3 in the same way.Stellariumscope receives a notification when each of these moves are activated but for telescope 2 and telescope 3 it simply uses these notification events as triggers to initiate Ascom Stop and Sync functions.The telescope 3 Sync function has nothing to do with Stellarium at all, Stellarium doesnít even know its happening it thinks itís moving a telescope.Now this is where EQASCOM uses this telescope 3 function to add Sync points to its alignment model ( n - point alignment ) You can make as many sync points or alignment points as you like and EQASCOM will apply the most appropriate transformation to make pointing corrections. In late 2019 developer Gion Kunz finally provided Ascom telescope support in Stellarium version 0.19.3 onward thus eliminating the requirement to use StellariumScope in the future.StellariumScope can still be used but the developer recommends you adopt Ascom control

In regards to Ascom compliant Stellarium version 0.19.3 onwards Gion has mapped the following Slew , Sync and Stop functions
Cntrl + 1 = Slew
Cntrl + Shift + 1 = Sync
Cntrl + Shift + Alt + 1 = Stop or Cancel

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