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That cable from Jaycar is fine
2 more things
1/ When you download Ascom 6.4 make sure your down load the Driver for “Skywatcher mounts Synscan” it’s in the list there
Also your laptop will require Windows SP1 or Service Pack 1 , Ascom may prompt you to do that if your Laptop doesn’t have it installed
2/ Also your programs have to run as “Administrator “ otherwise Ascom and other platforms won’t talk to each other

The main hurdle is getting your mount connected to your laptop and seeing that com port active in Device Manager. To prove it is connected ok , just unplug it and you will see the com port disappear in Device Manager ( ports ) When you plug it again a different Com port number may appear from the previous one , that’s ok as long as you use the same Com port number in EQMOD then they will find each other
After that the test should be straight forward other than a cheap dodgy cable which I have come across a few times

Good Luck !!
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