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Thanks Martin, Some very good and helpful information there.
I should of given a few more details on what i currently have, didn't think about that.

The Laptop is running on Windows 10

The programs that i have currently downloaded and installed on the laptop are:
ASCOM, Stellarium, Astro Photography Tool, PHD2, SharpCap, FireCapture

I have yet to install EQMOD due to now having the necessary cable ( USB2B to USB2A cable )
Is this the cable that you were referring to by any chance?

Yet to run Stellarium, just got things downloaded today,
So sounds like i need to Download EQMOD,
Wait until i get the cable and then go through your procedure of setting everything up.

Also found these two cables at Harvey Norman, both different though

Sounds like i am almost there.
Appreciated the advise as always.
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