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If the AZEQ6 mount is new and has the new USB2B port then the most simple and reliable way to control the mount directly from a laptop is through EQMOD ( forget going via the handcontroller a waist of time , although you can still use the handcontroller if you wish but independently by itself
All you need is a USB2B to USB2A cable ( max 5m ) and associated software
You can control the mount via EQMOD through other software like APT, PHD2 , Sharp AP and others but I will show you how to get it up and running with the popular planetarium Stellarium

Download Ascom platform latest 6.4 ( free)
Download EQMOD latest ( free )
Download Stellarium latest 0.20 ( free )
Connect USB2 cable from mount to laptop
Switch on mount
Go into Device Manager ( Ports ) and make sure mount is connected to laptop. You should see USB serial port Com ## ?? In port settings change the baud rate from 9600 to 115200. “ very important “
Once you have establish a serial connection you can then configure Stellarium and EQMOD

Procedure to use Ascom control of telescope with Stellarium ( StellariumScope no longer required )
1/ Open Stellarium
2/ Select Configuration tab F2
3/ Select Plugins tab
4/ At the bottom of the drop down list select Telescope Control
5/ In Telescope Control tick Load at start up
6/ Close Configuration window and shut down Stellarium
7/ Restart Stellarium and reconfigure Telescope Control by selecting Configuration F2 again , then Plugins tab, then Telescope control on left hand side drop down list , then press wide flat button “configure”
8/ In Telescope window press button “Add” and then select “Ascom” as your telescope control and name your telescope or mount
8/ Select “Choose your Telescope”then the Ascom Telescope Chooser appears so then select EQMOD HEQ5/6
9/ Click OK
10/ Select the telescope control you have listed , normally the first one automatically pops up
11/ Select “Connect” and then the Ascom telescope control should connect EQMOD to mount
12/ You should now be able to see your named scope and target icon in the sky view of Stellarium
13/ Don’t forget to manually Unpark EQMOD before you slew to a target
14/ Default key functions for Stellarium are as follows -
CTRL + 1 slew to target
CTRL + Shift + 1 Sync scope ( adds alignment point )
CTRL + Alt + Shift + 1 Cancels scope operation
NB: Other key functions may be assigned in Windows to simplify number of key strokes
NB: Ensure your site location details in Stellarium match the site location details in the Ascom EQMOD set Up window

Serial USB Cable Connections to Mount ( EQMOD)

The most effective and reliable way to connect to the mount is via the EQ Direct method ( laptop direct to mount with a USB2 cable , hand controller removed not used )
The new Skywatcher mounts now have the option of an additional USB serial port connection which only requires a standard USB2A to USB2B cable ( Max 5m length )
The only changes I’m aware of to facilitate connection between mount and laptop using a standard USB2A to USB2B cable is change the baud rate in the EQMOD port settings in the Ascom EQMOD Set Up window and change the baud rate in the USB serial comm port found in Device Manager, Ports,Properties and Port Settings. The baud rate should be changed from 9600 to 115200

Hope the above is not too confusing

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