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Hi Ash
I used a 6 inch Newtonian for years and maintenance was not an issue. Ironically I bought a 80mm Espirit ( a great scope) an still have not found the sweet spot for distance between the sensor and the reducer so between the Newtonian and the refractors my experience is the Newtonian is less trouble.
You mention "bang for your buck" well a 8 inch Newtonian scope ( f5 a ,little slower not that I notice) at $500 and a coma corrector at $300? simply can not be beat.
Why this illusion that Newtonians are hard work is beyond me and perhaps driven by folk who like to rattle on about their skill to adjust one as though that puts them on a higher level than mere mortals...I have a 6, 8 and 12 inch Newtonian and a 80mm and 115 mm triplet ..the 6,8, 80mm and115mm were just for photography and purchased in that order..a HEQ 5 manages the if you get a new 8 inch and HEQ 5 you could be in budget and get a coma corrector down the track.. forget the red cat in my view..nice but not good bang for your buck.
Look at Startrecks photos..6 inch and 8 inch Newtonian and perhaps ask him how problematic Newtonian maintenance really is...Or wait until I star imaging with my eight inch ...under a grand with coma corrector and tell me what problems you find with the optics. And think back..why was the Newtonian Telescope such a hit? It was revolutionary.
Think hard about your unfounded prejudice against Newtonians and ask can you afford such.
Edit one day you notice mould on the inside of your refractors lens..what's that cost to fix? Recoating a mirror is not much nor is buying a new mirror...
Good luck.

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