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Help me choose a refractor for DSO photography

Hey all,

My first post here, I'm starting out in this hobby after a long term interest.
My interest lies in photographing deep space objects primarily.

I'm after advice on a refractor. $2k would be the maximum budget.
I'd prefer a triplet or at least something corrected to avoid aberration issues.
I have a wildlife and macro photography background so I'm fairly intolerant of such things..
It will be paired with the ASI 533MC camera.

I've looked at a few options but unsure how wide is too wide.
I want it to be manageable as a beginner but long enough to allow capture of lots of interesting targets.

I've considered;
Sharpstar 76
Redcat 51
Leading contender I feel is the Zenithstar 81

Anyway, hoping to hear from you all!

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