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Originally Posted by multiweb View Post
I had a look at the product video at primaluce. That guy cracks me up every time he says focuser. He should be R-rated.

It's a reallly nice bit of kit and low profile too. Little out of my price range but I'm still looking at it. What are you doing to me Dennis!

No sag or flexure at all?
Hi Marc

When I did my investigation is offered the least back-focus distance in the range I thought were suited to my needs. Paul at Sidereal Trading was very helpful and provided excellent service.

Like you, I love the over the top Hollywood performance of Filippo, but it was the Ferrari-red colour that finally sold me.

The Mewlon, even with the Tak Reducer/Flattener still produces distorted stars towards the edge of the filed but they look to be even across the extremes of the frame so no evidence of sagging with the Tak x0.8 RF, SX USB 7 slot FW and ASI1600mm Pro.



EDIT: I also liked the Primaluce Labs systems approach, with the many adapters and accessories available, plus an upgrade path as new components (e.g. Rotator) become available.

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