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Wet Idea.

Stuck in the house days without power I started thinking about my eight inch. I have arrived at the point where I need a better focuser. The current one is unsatisfactory.
So it seems the reality Is I would have to pay serious money for a decent focuser.
Then I thought why not get rid of the secondary extend the tube and mount the camera in a similar fashion to a secondary...increased efficiency as the light does not have to reflect off the secondary.
Still we have a focuser problem but I can incorporate a $169 focuser from Bintel ...suitable for a refractor..somehow cut away the focuser mechanism and adjust focus remotely via piano wire...but then to build the support for the to be ZWO cooled mono capturing in ha camera ha filter tilt adjust coma corrector and focuser ...not your standard secondary mount will cut it...I am thinking 1cm box aluminium...something that means the you have a much larger than normal...maybe a glass plate like Rasa???
Like this approach because it takes all that weight off hanging to one side which I see as a huge advantage given my space etc
I like the focuses on the other idea is to buy that refractor focuser and make a resin mounting plate ...that seems the best option.


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