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Jeremy, there are many people who can't see any need (use?) for a 3D printer. I was a bit like that but decided perhaps I should learn something about them, so I built a kit. An interesting experience, but I had no idea what I would use it for.
Since then I have built a model of the Liberator from Blake's 7 (something I'd always wanted but couldn't find), a large Madcat from Battletech and I'm partway through a Dalek.
I've made several parts to improve the operation of my (ammunition) reloading presses, toolholders for my lathes, some bits and pieces for my leatherwork hobby, a couple of 3-cell holders (for 81650 batteries) to drive my 6SE and various other stuff.

I have a couple of lathes, vertical mill, all manner of power tools, a forge, several industrial sewing machines - in short, I like making things - and I've found the 3D printer to be a very useful addition.
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