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I'm with a mob called Tangerine Telecom, and yes, I guess I'm pretty happy overall. I had a lot of issues at the start (NBN cable problems that I mentioned) and while their help desk is in the Philippines I've found them to be very good (they actually know what they're talking about with minimal language problems). The biggest problem is that you have to go through them to lodge a fault with the NBN, you can't talk to the NBN itself and it's very frustrating (for the ISP as well) trying to get a fault fixed.

The NBN is actually a debacle, the cable network that they "inherited" from Telstra is a mess and they're spending inordinate amounts of time and money trying to patch it up, which isn't helped by the lack of records for the cable network. Most of this problem, of course, is due to the short-sighted attitude of the Liberal Party when they decided to scrap FTTP. We will always have a 3rd. rate network because of this decision.

I'd better get off my soapbox, I tend to get wound up when the subject of the NBN is raised.
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