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Thanks all for this additional advice. I will follow up all your suggestions. Since when the mount is working it is perfect but the sudden stops certainly seems like a power supply problem or loose wire/dry joint. I may have to get a new board as a last resort (gulp!).
Richard - I was a radio tech with OTC (probably about your vintage - a great place to work until Telstra took over!). I also have some converted 12volt PC power supplies and I will connect one with a SHORT lead. I suspect my present 12 volt lead may be a bit long although the voltage into the mount seems to hold up well under all loads.
Raymo - I have been able to take the motor and back plates off to get at the boards plugs/sockets. I certainly would like to have a good poke around the wires under the area where the 12volt/RJ45 etc plugs go. I was not aware that a front cover could be removed but I will have a good look.
PS - Yesterday I put the mount through a lot of paces in the daylight and it worked perfectly. I have done this before but it doesn't seem to like working in the dark!
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