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Originally Posted by pjphilli View Post
I have electronics experience so how do you suggest I could go about checking the capacitors?
I will follow up your advice to closely look at the voltage/current supply.The 12 volt power supply stands at 12.65volts on no load then drops to about 12.3 volts when the mount is slewing in both directions. I should monitor this closely to see what happens to the voltage/current when the mount stalls. I can also substitute a known good power supply. Maybe (hopefully) as simple as a power supply problem.

Can you use a power supply with 13-15 V? SkyWatcher mounts work within a voltage range between 11V and 15V.If the power is too low, the LED will blink while slewing at the maximum rate.
You may check the capacitor but I rarely fixed your problem in other mounts replacing a capacitor.
Firstly I would change the power supply with another one that will supply a good amperage (2A) and voltage.
If this will not work, I would buy a replacement board from Telescope Express (Germany).
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