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HEQ5 Pro Problem

My HEQ5 Pro mount periodically stops working ie any attempt to move in Dec or Ra with the Synscan paddle does not slew the mount but a ticking/buzzing sound comes from the motors. It sometimes can be coaxed back into working by turning it off, manually returning the mount to the start position and going through the normal start up procedure with the paddle. however after a couple of more moves the mount stalls again. I recall that a similar thing occurred some time ago which I "cured" by unplugging all the motherboard plugs and cleaning them with Servisol. This trick did not work this time. I have checked and cleaned all the other plugs/sockets, checked that the 12volt supply always remains steady and replaced the paddle connection cable with a new eight pin RJ45 patchcord. The motors and gears are working freely. It almost seems that there is a "loose wire" but where?
I have seen some mention of a "factory reset" but can find no reference in the Instruction Manual.
Any ideas?
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