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If you own a laser measure they often have an inclinometer built in which is accurate to within 0.2 of a degree. Just placing on the mount at right angles to the polar scope axis will tell you if your lattitude angle setting is close to correct.

Also helps to get the scope pointing more or less toward the pole in the field and less troublesome than a level in the dark..

Then drift align to fine tune if you can not see the pole . Cheaper and more fun than cameras and software using the stars with a little benefit of learning something. This explains drift alignment:

Originally Posted by Jethro777 View Post
>I also use a Lieca Disto measure inclinometer to find the lattitude angle as I can not see the pole.

That's interesting, how do you do that?

P.s. DJScottyis going to help me set it up next week, but this is a really interesting discussion on how to align without the southern celestial pole being visible.
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