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Next step after setting up your tripod and facing True South is to set the Home Position of your Mount head as follows -

How to set “Home Position” on the HEQ5 Pro Mount

1/ Level tripod base on NSEW axis with a good bubble float level ( be as accurate as you can )
2/ Install mount head and ensure counterweight shaft is pointing down along the south leg
3/ Set your Altitude on the mount head to your current location and lock in
4/ Try as best as you can to centre the Azimuth position along the centre axis of the mount ( I use a ruler in mm to make sure there are equal gaps both sides of the Azimuth bolts to the mount )
5/ Do not install counter weight’s , telescope or accessories on the mount
6/ Release the RA clutch and rotate the head anticlockwise until the counterweight shaft is level at exactly 90 deg then lock the RA clutch
7/ Release the RA clock scale and rotate it anticlockwise unit the pointer reaches 6.00 ( 18.00 ) Leave the RA clock released
8/ Unlock the RA clutch and then return the RA axis to the original “Home” position and lock it when the pointer reaches the “12” o’clock mark. Lock the RA clutch
9/ Unlock the DEC clutch and rotate the DEC axis until the saddle is exactly level to 90 deg then engage the DEC clutch again
10/ Release the DEC degrees scale and rotate it until it is set on the marker at 90 deg. Leave the DEC scale released
11/ Unock the DEC axis and rotate it until the DEC scale reads zero “0” then lock the DEC clutch
12/ The mount should now be in the Home Position
13/ Both RA clock scale and DEC degrees scale can now be rotated so the pointer arrows reach the zero “0” mark and then screw down and lock
14/ You are now ready to Balance your telescope mount in both RA and DEC
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