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Hi Harrison,

I have an almost exact same setup to you (NEQ6 + SkyWatcher Black Diamond 250 / 1200) which I use successfully for DSO imaging. I use a modified Canon EOD500D as my main imaging camera. Here's a link to my instagram account with the photos I've achieved with this setup:

For guiding I have the same planetary camera (ZWO ASI120MC) which I actually attached to the standard guidescope that came with the telescope, using a home-made adapter (i.e. a "finder-guider"). This is lighter than using a small refractor but seems to track ok. My average guiding error is typically around 1 arcsec which is fine for 3-4 min sub exposures. Anything longer than this and my subs tend to get washed out with the light pollution anyway.

The mount and guide cam are all controlled from the laptop using EQMOD and PHD2. Image capture and plate solving is done through Sequence Generator Pro.

I have been toying with the idea of an off-axis guider at some point in the future to further reduce strain on the mount and possibly get some more accurate tracking (assuming I can find suitable guide stars!).

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