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Originally Posted by Visionary View Post
Last night I used my William Optics, 3.5mm 110 degree extremely wide angle eyepiece on Jupiter. At a less than ideal position and at a less than ideal time, the views were unlike anything I had previously experienced. My 8mm Ethos struggled to reach, this eyepiece grabs & holds Jupiter in high-def, the eyepiece truly "reaches" Jupiter.
I also have the 5mm XWA and the 20mm XWA and their performance was equally pleasing. Whats really different with this eyepiece set is the FOV, you can literally turn your head to the side and see vistas that were not apparent when looking directly through the eyepiece.
David, thanks for your interesting remarks. To put things into a better context, kindly tell us a little about the telescope that was used for your observations?
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