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Originally Posted by csb View Post
Monitors that have low resolution are priced alright but those that have the 800 X 480 jump up in price.

Jaycar has a 9" 800 X 480 monitor for about $150. They also have a cheaper 7" but the resolution is low.

Alex n David, do you both use a camera with monitor for just visual observation? Do you mainly view this way?
Craig, I use a monitor because I am vision impaired aka blind. I also use a monitor for terrestrial photography, it's part of a large project I started about two years ago. The 7" monitor from Aperture is an excellent piece of kit. In addition to an excellent HiDef display, it can carry its own battery, its light weight and positively anorexic.
I am now on the cusp of getting into astrophotography. I have spent a small fortune on this project but its beginning to bear fruit.
I also have a field monitor @ 27"' If you are experiencing age-related vision loss than you can gain tremendous utility from good monitors.
All the comments re faint fuzzies and colour are true. At this moment, my system can only deliver on bright objects, the Moon, Jupiter .... planetary stuff. My hope is, in fact, my plan is to develop a system that will take me beyond the Gass Giants and into the wider night sky.
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