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To get things going with the new sticky status of this thread, I've attached a couple of my very first and clumsy photos done with my GSTAR EX from my home in Sydney.

The pics were taken from my backyard two years ago while very new to VA. Yeah not too crash hot as I didn't have great camera control then. The globular cluster is 47Tuc, using an 8" f/4 Newt. The second shot was done using a C8 (sorry that it is not quite in focus as I was swapping the camera around on different scopes that night - pics looks better as a thumbnail ). The apparent different scale between the photos is because of the different focal ratios. The pic of M42 was done using a 114mm 500mm fl Newt. The forth, of cause the Moon, using the same 114mm Newt. The quality of these images shows what bugger all experience can achieve like I had two years ago. I'll try to take some more images once the clouds bugger off, from home too.

A neat thing about many of these video cameras is they are not limited to being used with telescopes. CCTV lenses, and also camera lenses, can be used to achieve very wide angle shots of the sky. The last pic is the GSTAR with a CCTV lens. The camera can then be mounted on a tripod, or even piggybacked onto a scope - a good option so the scope can be used for visual, and the camera as a video feed.
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