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Adrian, yes, the scope was tracking. Video astronomy still requires an eq tracking mount. What I was not too clear about was that the camera was able to deal with the alignment of my gear not being spot on, so it corrected for drift. If your scope does not track, the exposure time/sense up setting, needs to be shorter.

On the subject of exposure, as the single longest exposure of the LN300 is 1/60sec, the max. sense up setting of 1064X makes for an effective exposure of 17.73 seconds.

Craig, my use of video astronomy is as an outreach tool. It is not my primary observing method. I may use it more now that I've installed a Nexus system onto the little scope I use for video, and that I've now got good control of the camera. Sketching at the eyepiece is still my main niche in astro.

Fellow IISer, Bob (yes, 'Bob' is his username! ), does use video as his primary observing method. I spoke with Bob this week on this topic. Craig, you might like to drop Bob a PM as he may be able to give you some insight into using video as the main observing method. I've found Bob very knowledgeable and approachable,
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