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Same here, Adrian, I've got to get the gear. Still researching, no rush. AND I haven't bought any Tak gear!

I now realise that a video camera will suit what I want from visual observing more so than with the eye. Video cameras can go deeper than the eye and, it seems, with larger image scale. Great!

Alex, I really am glad to hear that you have gotten control of your camera. AND great enthusiasm displayed as well. Your posts make a good read; we can see the short journey you have just been on to finally be able to get good imaging. So you must be very happy you bought the LN300 now. (But no real credit here. This thread was fairly self-serving and is like one of those questions that everyone wants to ask but doesn't.)

Now I am looking for a 12v LCD monitor with resolution of 800 x 480. I think 7" is a good size. I intend to mount it on top of the OTA above the eyepiece (maybe) or on the mount tripod just below the head.

I haven't had any luck finding a monitor below $100 in Australia, and for ebay purchase all sub $100 monitors are through Chinese vendors and I am wary that they state 800x 480 resolution but it may not actually be true. Does anyone know of where I can get a monitor (or have a monitor to sell)? I think 5" will be too small, 9" too large.
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