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Originally Posted by csb View Post
Dunk, on Astrovideo Systems website, the info on DSO-1 mentions something about derotating live stacking.Possibly to do with field rotation?
The software requires a Windows machine to run, although stacking fairly low resolution images in near real time doesn't require a huge amount of processing power.

You could try this out with the free Deep Sky Stacker Live instead

The SuperHAD chips in the DSO are very sensitive but the chip in the DSO-1 is tiny, so your FOV would be pretty small.

Probably a set of parameters to start with would be a fast, short refractor and a tracking mount. Push the exposure times and see what happens

Another alternative is to invest in one of the Sony Alpha cameras with the crazy high ISO...apparently the Milky Way is visible in Live View mode...

Given you have a tracking equatorial mount and a Canon DSLR already, the lowest price of entry is a T-adapter so you can attach your camera to your refractor. So long as you're polar alignment is reasonable, you can push the exposure time with high ISO and see what you get. You'll get a relatively wide FOV with the Canon sensor, and you should start to see colour in brighter objects in relatively short exposures (<1min).
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