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Glad you found some very useful info Alex.

The remote box is great and a similar remote can be bought, separately, for US$50 from Astro Video Systems, in USA. They make/mod a camera which may be based on the LN300 and have also made a remote. So it may work with your camera. Their camera has some connection as LN300 for the remote cable.

This store sell DSO-1 camera which, as I said, is similar/same as LN300. They state, “This camera is custom modified by Astro-Video Systems both in hardware and firmware based on proprietary AVS work.”

Camera only US$109
Camera with all needed cables & nosepiece to start viewing US$179.

There is plenty of info on the Astro Video System website (link below) and good reviews on the web.

I have sent an email to AVS to ask if they ship overseas. I couldn’t find any info on the website nor on astronomy forums. Probably means they don’t but I have a relative in USA so that may be the way to go. I am certainly interested in the camera when I eventually do get an astrovideo kit. Adrian, this may be better option than the Revolution - better pricing and options.

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