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Craig, thanks for suggestion OC Telescopes. I've gone through the three videos of the Rev.Im. camera they have. So far from what I've seen, one great innovation over the stand alone camera is the remote control for the menu. That is a great bonus as it can be awkward at best to push the buttons on the back of the camera.

I can't say that so far I've seen anything by way of enhancements on the camera. The on screen menu that I've seen is identical to what I have. But like I said earlier, the people behind the Rev.Im. would have determined what are the optimal settings for the camera, saving the user a whole heap of time and effort.

The focal reducer is a great tool to use with an SCT, or other slow instrument. Using it on a fast Newt introduces too much field curvature as the reducer is not really designed for Newts. Increasing the distance between the reducer and the chip also increases the TFOV the camera can see. I'm sure that a point will be reached where increasing the distance will start introducing vignetting as the edge of the TFOV of the scope is reached, but I don't see this as a major problem. I see it as a marker saying not to go any further. So far I've only used the reducer on the end of the 1.25" nose piece, and I haven't reached the point where I've seen the edge of the FOV of the scope/optical train. Same with the GSTAR.

The videos from OC Telescopes has given me some further ideas on how to manipulate the camera. When these clouds decide to bugger off I'll look to set it up again from home...

What I've struggled with is the overexposing of objects. I need to work out the way to balance out the exposure time with the sense-up setting. I'll have a look at those CN threads too. Daytime use of the camera, and with the planets is relatively easy. It is the faint stuff I've struggled with, like nebulae and galaxies. GC's are flaming brilliant in it. I picked up M4 in my 8" f/4 dobbie (so no tracking), and it out performed a mate's ZWO camera I used with the same scope the same night.
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